How is it best to add it to my dog’s diet?

How is it best to add it to my dog’s diet?

To begin with, all the directions are clearly stated on the label of the products, including the recommended dosage. You can pour it over wet food or dry food, or even give it separately if the dog likes it so, what is important is to maintain the proper dosage (per weight) and to use it constantly and regularly, because any pause you make will interrupt the effects. Yes, you can use it all year round and without interruptions, because the effects are maintained as long as the supplements are given and they do not preserve in time more than two weeks after you stop using it.

Daily dosage

– 1ml/2kg weight daily, mixed with the food. At need, double the dosage (health problems, before shows etc). Continuous usage is highly recommend, along the entire year (the positive effects start to fade away 15 days after interrupting the Omega 3 supplement). There are no negative side effects 

– 3 pumps per 10kg weight daily, mixed with the food. The dosage pump is included with the bottle.

The daily dose can be split into more than one portions (mornings and evenings, for example, depending on the feeding schedule)