Actually, what is Omega 3 good for?

Actually, what is Omega 3 good for?

* Skin: Eczema and rashes, dermatitis, seborrhea, dehydration, helps wounds heal faster and improve the regeneration of the skin, minimizes the allergies.

* Fur – for matted and dull fur, as well as for excessive shedding

* Internal benefits:

  • Strengthens the immune system and speeds up the post-surgical recovery
  • Cardiac problems (diminishes the cardio-vascular risks)
  • Joint problems (arthritis, rheumatism etc) through its strong anti inflammatory effects
  • Natural anti inflammatory action, without side effects on the liver function
  • Slows down the chronic kidney disease and improves the hemodynamic of the renal system
  • Optimizes the brain and nervous system functioning
  • Increases the appetite
  • Improves the general tone and increases vitality
  • Optimal development of whelps and pups
  • Helps pregnant females and increases fertility
  • Recommended in the diet of cancer patients

Adverse side effects – not noticed

Contraindications – none